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April 17, 2024
Special Feature

Abuja Traders Lament Low Patronage Due to High Food Prices

As Nigeria faces economic challenges, traders in Abuja paint a picture of hardship, highlighting the impact of inflation and rising living costs on basic necessities, saying their businesses enter decline in customers patronage due to high food prices.

In an interview with AgroNigeria, traders spoke candidly about the difficult economic climate, particularly the skyrocketing prices of essential food items.

Peace Gideon, a veteran trader, expressed concern about the decline in customers patronage  due to high food costs. 

“Things have been very difficult in the country lately,” she shared. “As a trader, I struggle to make daily sales because customers can’t afford to buy as often anymore, with food prices rising so much. For example, a measure of rice now costs #2,500. Everything that used to be affordable is now expensive. We’re simply exhausted.”

Sunday David, another vendor, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the staggering increase in the price of Garri, a staple food in Nigeria. “What’s happening in our country is terrible,” he exclaimed. 

“The Garri I sell is incredibly expensive compared to the past, when a bag could be bought for just #7,000. These are truly trying times for both us in the market and the customers who depend on us.”

These concerns underscore the urgent need for comprehensive measures to address the burden on ordinary citizens and provide stability to the economy.

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