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May 27, 2024

CyberAgric: Firm Launches  Early Disease Detection Mobile App to Boost Food Production

In a bid to digitize Nigeria’s agricultural sector and ensure food security, Flexify Solutions Limited, a technology-based firm, has launched a mobile app known as ‘CyberAgric’ app, with features of early disease detection, among others.

In a statement by Flexify Solutions Limited, the CyberAgric app, which uses artificial intelligence (AI), was developed to assist Nigerian farmers, particularly those involved in cash crop cultivation such as cassava and maize. 

It has features such as early disease detection, with the capacity to detect diseases such as Cassava Brown Streak Disease (CBSD) within the first two weeks of infection. 

“CyberAgric app was developed in collaboration with Cybermate Technologies, and will focus on cassava and maize cultivation for now, to address the needs of farmers in these sectors,” it read.

According to the statement, the app aims to reduce the effect of diseases on crops as well as enhance food security in Nigeria. 

Johnson Oyeniyi, Chief Executive Officer of Flexify Solutions, shared that CyberAgric is an accessible and highly educational mobile app, developed with a goal to ensure that every Nigerian farmer benefits from advanced agricultural technology, regardless of location or internet access.

“Our goal with CyberAgric is to ensure that every Nigerian farmer, regardless of their location or internet access, can benefit from advanced agricultural technology,” he said.

He noted that beyond disease detection, CyberAgric serves as an educational platform, providing farmers with the latest agricultural best practices and expert resources.

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