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May 29, 2024
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Farmers Commit to Redouble Efforts Towards Food Production

The President, All Farmers Association of Nigeria, (AFAN), Kabir Ibrahim has called for farmers and actors in the food value chain to redouble their effort to work assiduously towards food production in order to satisfy the yearnings of the people.

Ibrahim made the call in accordance with the state of emergency declared on food security by president Tinubu, he added that farmers are willing to put in more work, but certain things need to be in place for us to be able to optimize our productivity. 

The AFAN boss while speaking with AgroNigeria in an interview said, “In some parts of the country, insecurity is preventing us from going to our farms, and state of emergency on food means that all these things would be taken care of, so we are hopeful of having a secured environment to operate.”

Speaking further on the challenges farmers face, he said “We do have challenges with some inputs, and we feel like those inputs that are necessary for our work to be done will be provided at an affordable price following the declaration of president Tinubu.

“We know that the government realizes that productivity would be optimized if some level of mechanization gets into it, so we have a feeling that they will also help us get mechanization or farm machinery at an affordable price or to be able to rent to us. These are things that we feel as farmers. 

“We urge the government to create an enabling environment to make us produce optimally.”

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