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April 17, 2024

FG Blames Opposition Elements for Food Crisis, Uncovers 32 Smuggling Routes 

The federal government has attributed the current food crisis in the nation to opposition elements. 

This follows the disclosure of 32 new smuggling routes used to illegally transport food items out of the country.

Addressing attendees at the inaugural Public Wealth Management Conference organized by the Ministry of Finance Incorporated, President Bola Tinubu, represented by Vice President Kashim Shettima, expressed concerns over forces determined to destabilize the country.

“Forces are hell-bent on plunging this country into a state of anarchy. Those who could not get into power through the ballot box, instead of waiting until 2027, are so desperate. If this country can fall apart, as far as they’re concerned, so be it. We are going to resist them.”

The president condemned those resorting to desperate measures because they failed to secure power through legitimate means, cautioning against actions that could lead to anarchy.

He acknowledged the hardships faced by Nigerians, particularly regarding the instability in the value of the Naira and soaring food prices. However, he remained optimistic about the nation’s path to redemption.

“We are on the path to redemption. Wherever Nigeria goes, that’s where Africa goes. We have to make this country work. We have to move beyond politics. We are now in the phase of governance.

“Sadly, some of our countrymen are still in the political mode. They are the practitioners of violence advocating that they are Nigerian, that our own country, our one and only Nigeria, should go the Venezuela way.

“Some are agitating that we should go the Lebanon way. But Nigeria is greater than any one of us here. Nigeria will weather the storm,” he said.

Citing various recent instances of intercepted smuggled goods, Tinubu urged Nigerians to stand united against forces undermining national interests. He emphasized the need for collective action and solidarity to overcome challenges and steer the country towards progress.

“Just three nights ago, 45 trucks of maize were caught being transported to a neighboring country. In that Ilella axis, there are 32 illegal smuggling routes, and the moment those goods were intercepted, the price of maize fell by N10,000. It came down from N60,000 to N50,000 as the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security is here, ” he explained.

“So there are forces that are hell-bent on undermining our nation. But this is a time for us to coalesce into a single force and rally around our president, our government, and each other. We have the resources. We have the intellect. We have the capacity to turn the corner,” he added.

At the conference titled “Championing Nigeria’s Economic Prosperity,” Tinubu outlined plans to utilize Nigeria’s public assets to create jobs and double the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

“The Federal Government set a goal to raise at least $10bn in order to increase foreign exchange liquidity, a key ingredient to stabilize the Naira and grow the economy.

“At the core of this is ensuring optimal management of the assets and investments of the Federal Government towards unlocking their revenue potential.

“This includes our bold and achievable plan to double the GDP growth rate and significantly increase the GDP base over the next eight years.”

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