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April 14, 2024

Governor Eno Seeks A’Ibom Traders’ Cooperation on Food Subsidy Program

Akwa Ibom Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, has urged traders to cooperate with the subsidy program he’s initiating to distribute food at lower prices to residents as commodity prices continue to rise.

Governor Eno made this statement yesterday while addressing food sellers and market association representatives at Government House, Uyo. This meeting is part of ongoing consultations with stakeholders involved in the food subsidy program.

He emphasized that the consultations aim to ensure fairness and collaboration among traders, the government, and the intended beneficiaries.

“The food voucher initiative will be most effective in implementing the food subsidy program,” Governor Eno revealed. 

“We need traders to partner with the government as vendors. We’ll have clear procedures in place to guarantee accountability, transparency, and proper management of the vouchers.”

He added that interested people in rural communities can enroll as vendors and participate in the program as a legitimate business opportunity.

Governor Eno warned that if traders impede the program’s success, he would use the government’s bulk purchase program to directly sell food to residents at discounted rates, effectively lowering prices.

He emphasized that the food subsidy program is a temporary measure to help people cope with the food crisis until their own agricultural yields come in. He then encouraged all Akwa Ibom residents to return to farming as a long-term solution to food security.

The Commissioner for Agriculture, Dr. Offiong Offor, clarified that the meeting’s purpose was for the governor to interact with traders and leaders of major market associations across the state. These groups are key players in the food distribution chain, and the meeting aimed to ensure that food reaches Akwa Ibom people at affordable prices.

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