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December 9, 2023
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IFAD Reiterates Support For Feed Nigeria Summit Deal Room Framework 

The International Fund for Agricultural Development has reiterated its commitment to supporting the Feed Nigeria Summit (FNS) Deal Room framework, as part of its efforts to boost stakeholder investment, empower smallholder farmers and improve food security in Nigeria.

Speaking during the Deal Room Clinic on Thursday in Abuja, the Country Director, IFAD, Mrs Dede Ekoue said  “it is important to highlight that the present initiative of the deal room goes hand in hand with the priorities that are being laid down with the Vice President Shettima .”

According to her, “The role of investment cannot be underscored in boosting the productivity, production and access to markets for smallholder farmers.

“Amongst all other actors in the industry, there’s a need for us to focus more on smallholder farmers, because if they are left behind then the agenda would be left behind.” 

Still speaking she noted that “The food system transformation mandate is to galvanize the public, private sector investment in a business oriented manner while ensuring that investment decisions take into account the need to promote food security and nutrition.

“Achieving food security is the only sustainable way to transform the local, national,regional and global economy .” She added.

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