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April 17, 2024

Kano Farmers Predict Increase in Cost of Onion Due to Fuel Pump Price

Onion farmers in Kano State are expressing concern about an imminent rise in onion prices this year, citing the steep expenses associated with fuel needed for irrigation machinery as the primary cause.

Mustafa Adamu, the secretary of the Kano Onion Farmers Association, shed light on the difficulties faced by farmers.

The surging onion prices further strain households already contending with economic hardships.

Contrary to expectations of a price drop, Adamu underscored that the substantial cost of fuel is likely to keep onion prices elevated, with any reduction anticipated to be no more than 2 percent.

The financial burden of relying on fuel for irrigation machines, crucial in onion cultivation, is adversely affecting farmers and impacting the entire onion supply chain.

Adamu remarked, “In history, there has never been an increase in onion prices like this year.”

The unprecedented surge in fuel costs presents a distinct challenge for onion farmers in the region, raising worries about potential shortages and the availability of onions in the market.

The Kano Onion Farmers Association advocates for collaborative efforts to address these unprecedented challenges and protect the interests of both farmers and consumers.

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