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February 28, 2024

Moringa Value Chain Can Create 77400 jobs in Nigeria

Dr. Ashimashiga Michael Akoloaga, Founder of Eden Group, has stated that the moringa value chain has the capacity to create 77,400 direct jobs and about 16 million indirect jobs across the 774 local governments in Nigeria. 

Eden Group is an organization in Nigeria that produces and processes moringa.

Dr. Akoloaga stated this at a press conference held in Abuja, where he emphasized the role of moringa in food production, fertilizer as well as for medicinal purposes. Akoloaga encouraged unemployed Nigerians to visit the company’s website, where they can download and complete the form for immediate employment.

Akoloaga also stressed the importance of research and development, noting the success of other nations in generating revenue through identifying and developing various research initiatives.

According to him, “Any unemployment, poverty, health and economy analysis that does not state simply and clearly how Nigerians will cultivate Moringa, harvest, extract, produce and to still get fertilizer back to the farmers for other grains cultivation, will still end Nigerians in more poverty.

“Today is a remarkable day in the history of Nigeria on whatsoever ground for a single company coming out after spending about 20 years in moringa research and development to call on Nigerians for a 77,400 jobs and also 16 million jobs respectfully without a blink or thought of biting too much due to the availability of our products and the testimonies and also the opportunity to cultivate more viable farms for production raw materials and extract for organic fertilizer factory.

“The government of every country of the world has developed as a result of their identification of some major research and development which stands as a revenue generation to their agencies.”

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