July 25, 2024

NAFDAC to Curb Infiltration of Unbranded Cereals  Into Open Markets

The National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), has introduced additional measures to combat the infiltration of unbranded cereals and large-scale food items in open markets.

Prof. Mojisola Adeyeye, the Director General of NAFDAC, disclosed this new move while  expressing concerns about the health risks associated with unbranded milk and cereals distributed in unsanitary conditions.

During a stakeholders’ end-of-year open dialogue, Adeyeye stressed the importance of controlling the presence of bulk food items in markets, which may originate from manufacturing plants or their suppliers.

She underscored the agency’s scrutiny of companies seeking to use these items in the production of NAFDAC-registered products..

“We are concerned that we find these items being sold in measures, scoops in the open markets. So, we are looking at that process of issuing permits for bulk food raw materials very critically.” 

Adeyeye announced the implementation of enhanced measures to assess and verify utilization records of companies applying for import permits for bulk food raw materials.  

“We don’t want to just see your stock cards; we want to know what you imported in the previous year. We want to know what you used because there are some calculations that we need to make.” 

The goal is to promote transparency and deter excessive requests from companies, urging them to provide evidence of past utilization in alignment with their import permit applications. Adeyeye, recognizing businesses’ profit motives, emphasized the need to prevent diversion into open markets.

She conveyed NAFDAC’s commitment to upholding food safety and hygiene standards, discouraging the unhygienic practice of measuring milk and cereals in cups and measures in 2024. 

Mr. Fred Chiazor, Chairman of the Technical Committee of the Association of Food, Beverage, and Tobacco Employers (AFBTE), praised NAFDAC for its proactive approach and collaborative stance with industry stakeholders, fostering a win-win scenario for the food industry’s growth..

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