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July 25, 2024

NEC Outlines Plans to Address Security Challenges in Farming Communities

The National Economic Council (NEC), in its 139th virtual session, led by Vice President Kashim Shettima, has unveiled a comprehensive plan aimed at bolstering Nigeria’s agricultural sector and addressing security concerns in farming communities.

Emphasizing the urgency of the matter, Vice President Shettima chaired the meeting where key decisions were made to ensure the accessibility of fertilizers to farmers and to establish Agro-Rangers to combat insecurity in agricultural areas.

In a bid to foster collaboration and strategic planning, Vice President Shettima stressed the necessity of a clear roadmap, urging stakeholders to devise short-term, medium, and long-term strategies to navigate economic challenges effectively.

Senator Abubakar Kyari, echoing concerns about the impact of the dollarization of locally produced commodities on fertilizer prices, emphasized the importance of sound economic decisions. 

He highlighted the need for dialogue with major fertilizer producers to adopt modern agricultural practices.

NEC’s directives include convening meetings with fertilizer producers to encourage modern agricultural techniques, implementing short-term measures such as deploying Agro-Rangers, and exploring the possibility of establishing state police to enhance farm security.

Furthermore, plans were unveiled to release 42,000 metric tonnes of food commodities from the National Strategic Reserve to mitigate the effects of rising prices and ensure food security across the nation.

Vice President Shettima expressed optimism that collaborative efforts and strategic planning would enable Nigeria to surmount its economic challenges, emphasizing the imperative of decisive action in the face of adversity.

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