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June 17, 2024

Niger Govt to Support Cultivation of Rice, Cotton 

Niger’s Governor, Umaru Bago, asserts plans for a substantial enhancement in rice and cotton production. 

Following a meeting with President Bola Tinubu at his Lagos residence on Sunday, Bago informed journalists that the state has obtained more than one million hectares of farmland dedicated to crop cultivation.

“Yes, definitely food security is a priority in this government and we have just told the president that we are very much ready in 2024, from January 1, to hit the ground running,” he said.

“We have secured over a million hectares of land. I will start preparing this land and I’m sure before the next rainy season, I will have over 250,000 hectares prepared and I will also inform him (Tinubu) about the irrigation investment we have put in place.”

The governor affirmed that his administration will markedly enhance the cultivation of rice, cotton, and maize, aiming to position the state as a trailblazer in the nation.

“In Niger state, we are very ready to do as a leading state in rice paddy, improve the rice production and cotton production. We’re also very, very ready for that,” he said.

“We’re also very prepared to do a lot of maize, you know, because the demand for maize especially poultry farmers is high, and so many other initiatives that we brought forward.

“You know, Niger state is also a leading state in the production of sesame, which you know very well, and we have told Mr. President exactly what we’re about to do.”

Addressing the violent attacks in Plateau state, Bago expressed sorrow, deeming the situation “very unfortunate” and expressing hope for no recurrence.

He mentioned that governors from the north-central states plan to visit Plateau on Tuesday for a condolence visit and to sympathize with the affected people.

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