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June 17, 2024

Pres. Tinubu Affirms Nigeria’s Commitment to Tackle Climate Change

President Bola Tinubu has expressed Nigeria’s dedication to addressing climate change collaboratively in an opinion piece published on CNN.

In the article, he highlighted Nigeria’s intensified efforts in mitigating the adverse effects of climate change, emphasizing the significance of tackling security threats, population displacement, environmental degradation, and other associated impacts.

Tinubu shared his perspectives gained from participating in the COP28 World Climate Action Summit in Dubai.

He wrote: “COP28 marked a critical milestone with the first Global Stock take on implementing the Paris Agreements, a comprehensive review and inventory that allows each country to assess its progress in reducing emissions and achieving climate goals.

“Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, has battled back against major obstacles, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, short-term challenges from economic reforms, and the ongoing unification of foreign exchange rates. However, we remain steadfast in our resolve to reconstruct a better, cleaner nation despite these challenges.

“To uphold our legally binding commitment to a cleaner world, Nigeria launched the Nigerian Carbon Market Initiative at COP28 by joining the African Carbon Market Initiative.

“The Intergovernmental Panel’s Sixth Assessment Report released earlier this year underscores the inadequacy and slowness of global efforts against climate change. It remains clear that developing nations, despite contributing minimally to the problem, endure most of its impacts. We all want to solve the problem, but too few of us are currently willing to do our fair share.

“The startling loss of 90% of Lake Chad over the past three decades is a perfect example of this. We seek urgent international collaboration in both financing and technology toward the total recharge and recovery of this critical body of water.

“Together, with one voice and coordinated action, we can stop the desert from consuming Nigeria’s vast arable land, displacing communities, and causing food insecurity and social dislocation that often erupts into violence.

He further called for partnerships for a new green economy in Africa saying, “African countries simply cannot travel on this road alone. There must be a fair and cooperative approach. For too long, too many developed nations have hesitated to do what they should.

“In September, African countries embraced the Climate Positive Growth paradigm at the Africa Climate Summit in Kenya. We envision Africa becoming the leading green manufacturing hub globally, with targeted financial support and access to global markets.

“Nigeria and much of Africa possess a unique advantage — we do not need to decommission coal-fired power plants. We have an unparalleled opportunity to leapfrog decades of conventional, high-emission industry by building our industrial future on a new green foundation.

“The world faces a stark choice: prioritize the economic status quo or genuinely reduce dangerous emissions. This is a crucial moment.

“Choosing equity and justice in the global economy offers a chance to right past wrongs, save the planet, and create a better future for all. It is time to seize the moment.”

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