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April 17, 2024

Saudi Arabia Exports First Fresh Tomatoes to Europe

Saudi Arabia has achieved a remarkable milestone by exporting tomatoes to Europe for the first time in February 2024. 

This historic event, broadcasted across television networks, signals a significant breakthrough in the nation’s agricultural sector.

Traditionally challenged by its harsh climate and heavy dependence on imports to fulfill domestic demands, Saudi Arabia has triumphed over these obstacles through the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the realms of high-tech greenhouses and vertical farming. 

Spearheading this extraordinary accomplishment is the Dava Agricultural Co., which is renowned for its pioneering farming methods, and has successfully cultivated premium produce meeting the stringent quality criteria of the European market. 

Leveraging advanced technology and sustainable agricultural practices, the company has not only elevated local production levels but has also unlocked new avenues for export.

The export of tomatoes stands as a testament to Saudi Arabia’s emergence as a significant contender in the global agricultural arena. It underscores the pivotal role of innovation and technology in reshaping agricultural landscapes, particularly in regions grappling with adverse climates.

In a statement as gathered by AgroNigeria, the exporter remarks: “We are also in the process of establishing a sister company dedicated to Vegetable and Fruit Distribution. This endeavor encompasses the establishment of a state-of-the-art sorting, packaging, and distribution center, accessible to contracted farmers, thus substantially amplifying Saudi Arabia’s export capabilities. Furthermore, within the same purview, we aim to import fruits and vegetables from various corners of the globe, channeling them into the Kingdom’s markets.”

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