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April 17, 2024

‘Terror Attacks on Farmers Will Cause Severe Food Insecurity’ – Military

Troops of the military high command have noticed efforts by terrorists to impede farming activities in the Northern region of the country, saying terror attacks on farmers will cause food insecurity. 

The military expressed concern over the activities of terrorists in various northern villages, including the imposition of levies on farm owners before they are allowed access to their own farmlands.

A report by the military stated that if not addressed, these issues could result in severe food insecurity and have numerous adverse effects on the socioeconomic structure of the affected areas. 

The report, however, stated that troops of the military have taken various steps to checkmate the activities of terrorists as well as protect the villages under attack.

A state of emergency was declared in July 2023 by President Tinubu due to food insecurity, which was largely a result of terrorist attacks in agrarian areas of the country, especially the north.

Oladele Fajana, a security expert, mentioned that maintaining the safety of farmers is essential in order to achieve food security in the country.

According to him, “It is good that the military has observed the threats itself, although it is not a new development. Also, note that the President is keen on making food available in abundance; he has this in his manifesto and has also said it on several occasions. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to give adequate security to the farmers. As it is, many farmers are scared of going to their farms.”

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