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May 27, 2024
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Women Farmers Continue to Encounter Limited Access to Resources, Agricultural Opportunities – SWOFON

The President of the Small-scale Women Farmers Organization in Nigeria (SWOFON), Mrs Fatima Gummi has said women farmers have continued to encounter limitations in  access to resources and agricultural opportunities.

Gummi called for urgent government action to promote gender inclusivity in the agricultural sector.

In a recent interview with AgroNigeria, Mrs. Fatima Gummi, highlighted the critical role of women in agriculture while emphasizing the urgent need for government support to address gender disparities in the sector.

Mrs. Gummi pointed out that despite women constituting 70-80% of the agricultural workforce, they still face significant challenges, including limited access to resources and recognition. She expressed concern over the lack of timely provision of inputs, fertilizer, equipment, and financial assistance, which hampers productivity and exacerbates food insecurity.

She noted that SWOFON is actively working with the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, to advance its food security agenda, however political will and targeted interventions are essential to accelerate progress.

Mrs. Gummi highlighted the persistent issue of gender inequality in agriculture, where women continue to encounter barriers to accessing resources and opportunities. She called for grants and gender-friendly equipment, such as solar-powered water pumps, to mitigate the impact of high fuel costs and climate change on women farmers’ productivity.

Furthermore, Gummi reaffirmed SWOFON’s commitment to advocating for gender inclusivity in agriculture and urged stakeholders to collaborate in addressing systemic barriers and supporting women farmers across Nigeria.

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