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April 17, 2024
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Lagosians Groan Over High Food Prices, Blame Government Policies

By Abdulmalik Adetola

Nigerians have been struggling with high food costs and severe economic difficulties since the removal of fuel subsidy and increase in dollars. 

A visit by AgroNigeria to Dopemu market in Lagos State on Thursday revealed widespread concerns about affordability for both customers and traders. 

They stated that food has become their biggest challenge, threatening their livelihoods. Due to drastic increases in essential food prices over the past few months and declining incomes, they can no longer afford to feed their families twice daily, let alone three times.

Traders attributed the high costs to a combination of factors, including the rising dollar exchange rate, perceived flawed government policies hindering farmers’ access to resources, and the removal of fuel subsidies. They believe these factors limit domestic food production while international borders remain closed.

Both traders and customers at popular Dopemu food markets expressed dissatisfaction with the rising prices and a lack of faith in the government’s ability to address the situation and improve the country’s trajectory.

“What kind of country are we living in?” questioned Oyededi Mansurah, a grocery owner. 

“Everything has become extremely expensive, with prices rising almost hourly. We urge the government to fulfill their promises and take action.”

Adding to the difficulties, the National Bureau of Statistics reported a staggering 33% unemployment rate in Nigeria by the end of 2023. The rising food prices have reportedly pushed many to resort to illegal means of making a living.

Meanwhile, Dada Emmanuel, a youth service corps member, warned, “If the government doesn’t take action, the whole nation will descend into chaos soon. The minimum wage of #35,000 is insufficient even for a week’s needs. 

“How can we live when they make things so difficult? I never imagined such suffering in Nigeria. We can cope with other issues, but food insecurity is unbearable. Eating once a day is incredibly hard. How can a hungry nation be safe? We truly hope something is done about this,” he added.

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