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April 17, 2024
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‘We are Struggling to Make Ends Meet’ -Abuja Residents

The soaring prices of food staples nationwide have sparked widespread dismay among Nigerians. Basic commodities like rice, beans, yams, vegetables, and poultry products have witnessed relentless price hikes, leaving millions struggling to cope with the escalating costs.

In an interview with AgroNigeria, Mrs. Ebere, a food vendor in Gwagwalada, Abuja, bemoaned the relentless surge in food prices, highlighting its impact on her business. She emphasized the importance of maintaining quality service despite the challenging economic climate. While she strives to maintain reasonable prices, customers often perceive them as exorbitant due to the consistent rise in costs, adding to the strain faced by sellers like her.

“Every trip to the market reveals a new, higher price, making it increasingly difficult to maintain profitability. Despite our efforts, customers often perceive our prices as excessive,” lamented Mrs. Ebere.

Echoing similar sentiments, Miss Nwobodo Chisom, an entrepreneur in Abuja, shared her dismay over the skyrocketing prices of all goods, including personal care items like body cream. The rapid inflation has forced consumers to adopt strategies like bulk purchasing to mitigate future price hikes, yet the economic hardship persists.

“The price of noodles jumped from N6000 to N10,000, and now it’s N18,500. I’m still reeling from that shock.

“The current economic situation has made shopping a daunting task, with prices skyrocketing beyond reason. The cost of basic necessities, especially food items, has reached unprecedented levels,” Miss Chisom expressed.

Miss Precious, a student, highlighted the distress caused by the unpredictable fluctuations in prices, citing the drastic increase in the cost of rice from 1,500 to 2,600 naira per mudu. This significant rise has rendered basic living expenses unaffordable for many, exacerbating the hardships faced by ordinary citizens.

As Nigerians grapple with the relentless surge in food prices, the economic strain deepens, underlining the urgent need for measures to address the root causes of inflation and ensure affordable food for all.

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