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April 17, 2024

Major Feed Producer, Premier Mills, Quits Maize, Sorghum Offtake

Premier Feed Mills, a subsidiary of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc and producers of TOPFEEDS, has announced that it would suspend its purchase of maize and sorghum due to challenges in the Nigerian operating environment.

In a statement released over the weekend, Premier Feed Mills, a leading Animal Feed Brand in Nigeria and the largest producer of Aqua Feed in Sub-Saharan Africa, expressed concern over the current food insecurity situation in Nigeria and its adverse effect on citizens.

Acknowledging the unusually high prices of maize and sorghum in the market, Premier Feed Mills emphasized the ripple effects on finished products like poultry and other livestock. The company stated that it has been actively engaged in private-public sector collaborations, consulting with the government to find sustainable solutions to the current food crisis, particularly regarding maize and sorghum.

“In view of this, PFM will temporarily suspend its procurement of maize and sorghum while closely monitoring the market environment. During this period, we remain committed to local content development and will explore innovative ways to meet our customers’ needs,” the statement read.

“Over the years, we have also sourced our key raw material, maize and sorghum, from Nigeria’s local maize farmers, thus employing over 150,000 Nigerian farmers, while meeting the demand for animal feed rations and animal protein in the country,” it added.

Premier Feed Mills also affirmed its dedication to creating growth opportunities for Nigeria and providing jobs for its citizens.

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