July 25, 2024

NAQS Launches Nationwide Operation to Clampdown on Food Smugglers, Hoarders

As part of efforts to support the Federal Government’s ongoing efforts to stabilize food prices and guarantee food security for all citizens, the Nigeria Agricultural Quarantine Service (NAQS) has launched a sweeping initiative targeting the smuggling and hoarding of agricultural goods across the nation.

A statement released on Monday by Akanji Joshua, NAQS’s Media Communications and Strategies representative, explained that this decisive action is firmly rooted in the agency’s mandate to regulate the handling of agricultural products within Nigeria. The primary objective is to ensure that these products are not only safe for consumption but also readily available at fair prices to the Nigerian populace.

Joshua emphasized, “Aligned with the Renewed Hope Agenda of the current administration, we are unwaveringly dedicated to augmenting the availability of food for Nigerians. This entails fortifying our borders and cracking down on the smuggling and hoarding of agricultural commodities.”

Acknowledging the paramount importance of food security to the Nigerian government, he underscored the commitment to preventing the illicit exportation of agricultural commodities through ports and land borders. The initiative not only seeks to stabilize food prices but also aims to foster transparency and equity within the agricultural supply chain.

“To combat the unlawful practices of smuggling and hoarding,” Joshua continued, “NAQS is intensifying its surveillance and control measures at all entry and exit points. Our officers are diligently deployed across the nation’s borders and control posts, conducting thorough inspections and monitoring to prevent any unauthorized export of agricultural commodities.”

However he noted that this comprehensive approach reflects NAQS’s proactive stance in addressing the prevailing challenges within the agricultural sector. By prioritizing food security and sustainable development, the initiative underscores the agency’s commitment to ensuring a robust agricultural landscape.

Furthermore, the acting Comptroller General, Dr. Godwin Sunday Audu, urged the public to actively participate by reporting any suspicious activities related to hoarding or smuggling of agricultural commodities. Community engagement and collaboration are deemed vital for the success of this nationwide operation.

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