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April 17, 2024

Pres. Tinubu Orders Crackdown on Warehouses Hoarding Food, Speculators

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has issued a resolute response to reports of widespread food hoarding, instructing key security agencies to coordinate efforts to inspect warehouses across Nigeria. 

The President, through his Twitter handle, on Friday, emphasized the need to ensure equitable access to food for all Nigerians.

President Tinubu said: “We cannot allow speculators, hoarders, and rent seekers to undermine our efforts in ensuring that food is widely available to all Nigerians.” 

He ruled out the establishment of a price control board or the approval of food importation, citing concerns about enabling rent-seeking behavior at the expense of the nation’s resources.

The President pledged support for domestic agriculture, advocating for schemes to incentivize farmers to increase food production for the nation. 

Stressing the importance of holistic agricultural development, he then highlighted plans for the rapid implementation of livestock management strategies, including initiatives for dairy farming and other sectors.

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