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June 21, 2024
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SAHE Foundation Pledges to Nurture Next Generation of  Technology-Driven Agriculturists,  Launches Young Tech Farmers Club

Dr. Idongesit Mbaram, CEO, Sustainable Agro and Hunger Education Foundation (SAHE), pledged the foundation’s commitment to ensuring a developed and technology-driven agricultural sector in Nigeria. 

She revealed this during the launch of the Young Tech Farmers (YTF) Club at the University of Lagos, Akoka, Lagos. There, she emphasized the importance of young people as the “bridge between the rich history of agriculture and the innovative potential of technology.”

The event brought together various agricultural and educational stakeholders, along with students aged 12-16 from senior secondary schools in Lagos State.

While addressing the students, Dr. Mbaram stated, “Today is a momentous occasion. We stand on the precipice of a new era in agriculture, an era driven by the power of technology and the passion of young minds!”

“In 2019, a vision was bestowed upon me by God. A vision of young people, not just tending fields, but revolutionizing them! The SAHE Foundation was born from that vision, from a deep belief that agriculture holds immense potential, waiting to be unlocked by the next generation,” Dr. Mbaram continued.

“We seek a nation where agriculture thrives in harmony with nature. This vision gave birth to the SAHE Foundation, a foundation built on the belief that young minds hold the key to unlocking agriculture’s true potential.”

Dr. Mbaram highlighted, “For too long, agriculture has been painted as a traditional, labor-intensive profession. But the truth is, it’s on the cusp of a technological transformation! Drones are surveying crops, robots are weeding rows, and data analysis is optimizing yields. This, my friends, is the future of farming, and it’s a future brimming with exciting possibilities.”

“That’s where YOU, the Young Tech Farmers Club, come in! You are the bridge between the rich history of agriculture and the innovative potential of technology. You are the ones who will not just cultivate crops, but cultivate a whole new way of thinking about food production,” Dr. Mbaram concluded with a call to action for the young audience.

In his earlier remarks, Dr. Francis Toromade, DG of Premier Agribusiness Academy and Soy Value Chain expert, commended SAHE and NAPPS for establishing the initiative. He added that the program would set a good pace for Nigeria’s agriculture sector.

Dr. Toromade, the keynote speaker at the event, elaborated, “We are embarking on a journey of developing a nation full of technology-driven farmers. We are going to look at how local departments are reshaping farming practices.”

“Agriculture has a long history of embracing innovations,” Dr. Toromade continued. “From the invention of a simple hoe to the advent of mechanization, we have witnessed a digital revolution. Various technological tools like IoT sensors, tractors, drones, and more have been incorporated into agriculture, making everything easier for farmers. There are even technologies to determine the nutrients in the soil.”

“These technologies help to increase efficiency, enhance productivity, maintain sustainable practices, and secure resilience in the face of agricultural challenges.” 

However, Dr. Toromade also highlighted the challenges facing technology-driven agriculture, including poor infrastructure, government policies and regulations, and lack of funding.

He then concluded by calling on parents at the event to inculcate agricultural values into their children as a means of promoting the society at large.

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