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‘We’ve no Intention of Leaving Cross River State Over Shortage of Raw Materials’ – Flour Mills

The General Manager, Flour Mills Nigeria PLC, Olusegun Falade, has refuted recent claims suggesting the company’s potential departure from Cross River State due to a shortage of raw materials. 

Speaking during an interview with newsmen in his office over the weekend, Falade addressed each aspect of the allegation, providing clarity and context.

He began by acknowledging the gravity of the situation, noting that the Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture and member representing Boki state Constituency, Honorable Bette Philip, had publicly insinuated that Flour Mills Nigeria PLC was contemplating relocating due to raw material constraints within the state. This allegation had sparked concerns and warranted a thorough response from the company’s management.

Falade underscored the importance of setting the record straight, emphasizing that the company’s commitment to Cross River State remains unwavering. 

He elucidated the intricacies of the company’s supply chain, revealing that they source all their raw materials from overseas, primarily through the Calabar Port. He invited scrutiny, encouraging observers to witness firsthand the arrival of containers laden with imported raw materials.

“As we speak,” Falade asserted, “we source all our raw materials from abroad. Look at the containers; they are not from Cross River.” This statement reinforced the fact that the company’s operations are not contingent upon the availability of local resources in Cross River State. Instead, Flour Mills Nigeria PLC relies on a robust network of international suppliers to meet its production needs.

Moreover, Falade expressed bewilderment at the source of the allegations, particularly questioning why the Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture would propagate such misinformation. 

He stressed the collaborative efforts between the company and the Ministry of Agriculture, highlighting their shared goal of fostering agricultural development in the region.

Furthermore, Falade reiterated that Flour Mills Nigeria PLC has no intention of leaving Cross River State. He reaffirmed the company’s longstanding presence in the region and its enduring commitment to supporting local economies through job creation and economic empowerment.

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