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April 19, 2024

‘Agricultural Investment Key to Job Creation’- Delta Deputy Governor

The Deputy Governor of Delta State, Monday Onyeme, has emphasized the crucial role of agriculture as a significant source of employment and unveiled plans to position Delta State as the nation’s primary food supplier. 

He made this announcement during a visit by the Coalition of Delta State Farmers, led by Mr. Loveday Takim, and the state chapter of the Poultry Farmers Association of Nigeria, represented by Chief Eric Tomfawei, at the Government office in Asaba.

Onyeme emphasized that the government is resolutely focused on making Delta State the food basket of the nation. 

According to him, “Our administration is giving serious attention to agriculture because the agricultural sector stands as the largest source of employment for the people of Delta State. It is the largest industry and the most sustainable business that can lift Nigeria out of extreme poverty.”

He further noted that Nigeria’s comparative advantage lies in developing the agricultural sector rather than competing with developed countries in the field of technology. “We cannot compete with the advanced nations of the world technologically. Instead, we can improve our agricultural industry and conveniently compete with them in that area because God has blessed us with good soil and abundant landmass.”

Onyeme advised a more practical approach, stating, “If we don’t develop our agriculture, we cannot progress as a nation. 

“We cannot compete with the Western world in information and communication technology because they will always be steps ahead of us in that area, and we will be trying to catch up. But we can compete with them in agriculture, and we can even surpass them because God has blessed us with fertile land for agriculture. 

“Our seeds and water are suitable for production. All that we need is to concentrate our energy where we have strength”, he said.

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