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May 27, 2024

‘Banditry Threat to Occupational Safety’ – ESMI

The Environment and Safety Management Institute (ESMI) has said banditry is a threat to occupational safety calling on the government and stakeholders to prioritize the safety and security of workers across the country. 

Alhaji Usman Ibrahim, Emir of Nasarawa Emirate and Chairman of the Institute’s Board, made this plea at the 4th National Stakeholders’ Seminar on Environment and Safety held in Abuja on Tuesday.

The seminar, themed “Banditry as a Threat to Occupational Safety in Nigeria,” highlighted the growing concern of banditry and its impact on workers’ safety. 

Representing the Emir, Mr. Sunday Edibo emphasized the importance of “safety first is safety always” in ensuring workers’ well-being.

Ibrahim stressed the need for comprehensive safety measures, proper training, and inter-agency collaboration to address the root causes of banditry and violence. 

He described banditry as a form of organized crime involving violent acts such as robbery, kidnapping, extortion, and murder, which pose a threat to workers across all sectors.

The negative impact of banditry extends to various sectors of the economy, including agriculture and education. Farmers and farmworkers are increasingly targeted, disrupting agricultural activities and exacerbating food insecurity, unemployment, and poverty. Educational institutions are also affected, with students being kidnapped, leading to traumatic experiences and psychological distress.

Additionally, bandits vandalize infrastructure such as power lines, hindering the nation’s quest for stable power supply and disrupting business operations and governance.

However, Mr. Martins lorsamber, National President of ESMI, emphasized the need for professionals to brainstorm and develop solutions to tackle banditry and mitigate its impact on workers. He highlighted that occupational safety concerns not only workers but also farmers, artisans, craftsmen, and civil servants.

The seminar aimed to address the rising spate of banditry and find effective solutions to protect workers and maintain a conducive working environment across various sectors in Nigeria.

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