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May 29, 2024
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‘Local Breed Produces 1 Litre While US Gets 60 Litres per Cow,’ Expert Bemoans Low Production Rate of Dairy Animal in Nigeria 

Clarion Olusegun

An Agripreneur and the Managing Director of Sebore Farms, Aminu Murtala Nysako, has said the highest milk production of a local cow in Nigeria stands at 1 litre while the United States Gets as much as 60 litres per cow, calling on Nigerians to challenge the status quo to develop the dairy industry. 

He claims that Nigeria has the least productive cows globally because over the years, cows have been reared for meat rather than milk.

The dairy expert, who made this known on his LinkedIn post, recently said, “I think the average litre you will get from a cow, or local cow, is half a litre to 1 litre. But Kenya is producing 15 litres, Egypt is producing 20 litres, Turkey is producing 25 litres, France is producing 40 litres, while the US is producing 60 litres per cow.

“Now, what I noticed when I saw the problem is that the cattle population in Nigeria is about 38 million. If we can even increase their production to 5 litres, we will become the dairy capital of West Africa.”

He noted that producing 1 litre versus a United States cow producing 60 litres is worth studying and should push Nigerians to do more, while questioning, “Must things remain this way?”

He therefore urged Nigerians to challenge the current situation in the country, saying, “We must challenge the status quo. We won’t get there in a day, but with one step at a time, we will constantly raise the bar.”

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