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May 27, 2024

Varsity to Enhance Agricultural Efficiency Through Integration of Artificial Intelligence 

In a bid to revolutionize agriculture in Nigeria, Cosmopolitan University, a tertiary institution in Abuja, is set to adopt a supercomputer cluster to process satellite data. This technology will enhance agricultural efficiency through the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). 

Speaking during the university’s first matriculation ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor, Carl Adams, shared that the supercomputer cluster would be used for developing applications requiring extensive data storage and processing capabilities.

Adams stressed the university’s commitment to sustainability, targeting zero-impact and carbon-neutral facilities, as supercomputers consume high energy and produce heat. He explained that the facilities will utilize innovations such as solar panels, heat exchange systems, and thermo-electric generation.

According to Adams, Cosmopolitan University plans to provide a summer school program granting students from universities within Nigeria and around the world access to its satellite data cube, AI resources, and supercomputer cluster.

Furthermore, the university aims to make its resources available to various stakeholders, including businesses, government organizations, and other educational institutions across Nigeria.

The Vice-Chancellor also announced that Cosmopolitan University will collaborate with the Nigerian satellite industry by providing them with extra resources and capability, making it a community resource.

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